Vernon Bronner

Obituary of Vernon E. Bronner

Vernon “Vern” Bronner was born on January 27, 1957 in Trenton NJ to Claude L. Bronner Jr. and Ella Mae Hines.


Vernon is man who has touched the lives of so many.  He spent his early years facing challenges that would break the spirit of most; however, Vernon’s spirit was never diminished.  All those who came in contact with Vern and had the honor of helping to support him through his good days and not so good days will attest that they came away better.  Vern needed help with certain aspects of his life, however he always taught people more than they could ever teach him.   He provided many direct support professionals with a foundation in compassion and care for men & woman with exceptional needs.  Vern enjoyed drawing pictures & telling stories of the people from his past.  If you knew Vern you most certainly heard about traffic lights, railroad crossings, spiders, praying mantis, The Incredible Hulk, and several characters that he would speak about.  It was important to Vern that you were listening & he would test to see if you were.  Each and every person who spent time in his life has a Vern story & each of those stories is told with a heartfelt smile.  Vernon had a big, infectious smile.  His legacy will go on through his countless friends, family & in the continued support for men & woman in need.  We are all better for having the opportunity to have been included in Vernon’s amazing life.